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Thank You Wakefield!

A sincere thank you to Wakefield voters for electing me to continue to serve as your Town Councilor. I look forward to representing all of Wakefield as we emerge from the pandemic and recommit ourselves to improving the quality of life for residents and businesses. Congratulations to those elected on Tuesday and thank you to all the candidates for your willingness to serve.

Elections are always an opportunity to talk about matters that people care about. I recognize that this election exposed several big issues with strong opinions. I am committed to finding ways for our community to have constructive and respectful conversations about topics important to our future.

I honestly believe that Wakefield can be a more livable, inclusive and sustainable town. I hope you share this vision and that we can work together to achieve it. I can be reached at and will be holding office hours, via Zoom for now, every other Monday. See for more details.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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