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Spring 2020 Newsletter

While it is certainly nice to see the sun, like most of you, I miss conventional spring activities. For our family, that would have included cheering on the high school softball team (on the newly-renovated Blatz field)! Instead, we are all home, tethered to our computers and noise-cancelling headphones.

While so much has been lost or postponed this spring, much has also been created. I'm proud to be part of an ad hoc sewing group making masks. My Aunt Bob (Barbara) would be proud to know that her old sewing machine has connected me with friends, old and new. Together, we call ourselves Wakefield Mask Makers and invite anyone to join us in exchanging materials and ideas. Thanks to generous fabric donations, we estimate that we have donated over 2500 masks to local organizations, including hospitals, community and senior centers, businesses and neighbors.

Read full newsletter here.

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