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A Night of Community and Connections

Many thanks to everyone who joined me to celebrate my birthday last night! I estimate that we had 50+ people take the time to jump on the zoom party, one for each of my 50+ years! Last night was about connections. It was wonderful to see and hear from people from throughout my life. Each one of you have made me who I am today and been part of my journey to now. The experiences and values we share inform how I approach problems and make decisions.

Special thanks to last night's hosts: Senator Jason Lewis, Representative Kate Lipper-Garabedian, Town Councilors Santos, Chines and Butt and Light Commissioner Tom Boettcher. The evening's real super stars were Galvin Middle School student Amy, a 5th grader who entertained us on the ukulele and 7th grader, Max, who read his cousin Arecelis Girmay's poem," Strange earth, strange" from The Black Maria.

Many of you sent photos and memories of our time together. I treasure these and wanted to share it for you to enjoy as well. It is an excellent reflection of how we grow and change and build community together. Thank you for your ongoing support of me and the campaign.

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