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A Note from Julie in Final Days of Campaign

As we approach the final days of the 2021 local election season, I want to take a moment to pause and thank the many people I have talked to over the course of this unusual campaign. Through Tuesday Talks, Wakefield Walks, Facebook Live chats, forums, phone calls and distanced visits, I have met with over a hundred people, each with sincere questions, concerns and suggestions that range from water infrastructure to veteran housing to how we restore civil discourse. These are complex issues, and while I have many ideas and opinions, I will never tell you that I have all the answers. What I will tell is you that I will listen and work hard to build Wakefield into an even more livable, inclusive and sustainable community.

I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday, April 27th. Polls are open 7 am to 8pm at the Galvin Middle School and mail-in and absentee ballots are available through tomorrow, Monday 4/26 at noon. Visit the Secretary of State's webpage to confirm your voter status and precinct (not necessary to know precinct but speeds the process). A copy of the ballot can be viewed here.

I also want to remind people that many of the issues I have heard about during this campaign are ultimately decided by you, the voters, at Town Meet

ing, including budget allocations for roads and public safety as well as zoning and bylaw changes. Our town is shaped both by the leaders we elect on election day AND collective decisions made at Town Meeting. Engagement does not stop on election day, and I hope you will also join me at our Regular Spring Town Meeting on Saturday, May 8th at the High School Field House.

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