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8 Ways to Help Get Julie Re-Elected

1 - SEND Dear Friend Cards to addresses we provide - We provide post cards stamps and addresses. All you have to do is use the addresses we will provide, add your own note to the pre-printed card, stamp and send by Monday, April 21st. They are divided into packets of 20 with full instructions and note ideas with easy porch pickup or delivery.

2 - SEND Dear Friend Cards to your friends - If you have friends who are new to town or not generally active in local elections, please send them a Dear Friend card with a personal note.

3 - SIGN UP to hold a sign - We will be out from 9 - 12 for the next two Saturdays in Greenwood and downtown and all day on election day, Tuesday April 27th at the Galvin Middle School.

4 - WRITE a support letter about why you think Julie should be re-elected. We can provide ideas on past achievements, activities and goals if you need some ideas. Deadline for submittal to the Item is Friday, April 16th by sending to Letters can be sent to the Patch through election day by setting up an account and posting an article which appears as Neighbor News.

5 - DONATE to help defray campaign costs.

6 - SHARE with friends, family, neighbors and on social media information about the election and why you are supporting Julie. If you want some printed palm cards to distribute.

7 - LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW Julie's social media accounts

8 - VOTE on Tuesday, April 27th at Galvin Middle School or via absentee or no-excuse mail-in ballot available through the Town Clerk's office.

Email for more information.

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